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23 little things that make life better

We promise: in this collection there will be not a word about sleep and healthy diet! Firstly, because these are not small things at all, and secondly, because we have found something more interesting for you.

1. Waking up, first take a walk

Even a five -minute walk around the house will be enough to cheer up, refresh and tune in to a new day.

2. Relax the muscles around the eyes

This is the zone where the voltage accumulates during the day. Try to do the following: close your eyes and massage the whiskey, eyebrows and the upper part of the cheeks – each zone one minute. Then stretch and open your eyes wide. Most likely, even after such a short procedure, you will feel rested.

3. Remember everything that pleases and motivates you

Better-write down, because when we really feel bad, such things simply do not come to our minds, and it would be better to keep a similar list at hand.

4. Write down 3 tasks that you would like to complete today

No more and no less. Make outlined at all costs – and celebrate your little success.

5. Plan something pleasant

Hiking in the cinema or theater. Gathering with friends. Walk. The main thing is to do what you really pleases with you every day.

6. Jump or dance

The movement promotes blood circulation, the release of adrenaline, the discharge of the voltage accumulated per day. At least once a day, dance under your favorite melody or jump as if your favorite team had just won the championship.

7. Fuck

For starters – in private with yourself, until you feel so confident as to fool around and in someone else’s company too. Roll up on an office chair, laugh at the voice of jokes or videos that a friend sent you, dance “as if no one is watching”.

8. Smile more

Yourself – your reflection in the mirror – to another and the world.

9. Come up with a soul even to everyday classes

Say “Hello” and “Thank you” on the machine? Try it to change this: look into the eyes of the interlocutor, even if it is a barista in a cafe, or a random passerby, or a colleague whose name you do not know, smile, make a compliment (or at least mark something good in a person).

10. Going to bed, put off the phone

And don’t start your day with it. Social networks, news, funny pictures and even working messages will wait.

eleven. Drink more water

In order not to forget to do this, you can carry a special bottle of drinking water everywhere or put in each room a glass.

12. Make short but more frequent breaks

Instead of arranging a two-hour lunch break for yourself, often take minute breaks-and a couple of 15-minute during a working day. But the main thing is really relax at this time! Switching to another task or household chores – this is not a vacation. Better take a few deep breaths, stretch, go off.

13. Do something new

Try to do the work task differently, talk with the seller a little longer than usual, make coffee differently-and you will see what happens!

14. Every day write at least one friend

We all sometimes regret that we could not maintain certain relations. But for their maintenance it is necessary less time and effort than it seems to us: it is enough at least every day to write a warm message to one friend or a friend.

15. Stay in nature

If the weather does not allow, you can at least go to the balcony and spend from 5 to 10 minutes without a phone – just listening to the sounds around and watching what happens.

16. Write down your thoughts

In order not to forget about important matters and not lose the ideas that come to your mind, write them down in a notebook or save them in the phone.

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