Run it Back Turbo

Welcome To Run it Back Turbo!!!


Turbo is a meme-utility project on the binance smart chain that’s innovating your defi trading experience. Stop sleeping through your wins just to wake up to your losses with turbo tools. Turbo Bot is a premium sniper bot with a built in stop/loss and profit trigger. Set the X’s you want to claim with turbo bot! SLOW NO MO!

Turbo Snipping Tools

An integrated suite of trading tools to empower every DeFi participant, crafted with a single goal:

Making DeFi trading Swifter, Smarter and Safer for all!

DeFi trading Swifter, Safer and Smarter for All

The Turbo Snipping Tools offers a powerful suite of intuitive trading tools to users. Assess the risk of investing in micro cap projects in DeFi, use our integrated Take Profit/Stop Loss tools to make trading smooth, protect yourself with the ability to frontrun malicious developer actions through our mempool scanner and mimic the wallets of superior traders through our exclusive copy trade feature.

Turbo Card NFTs

Turbo Cards gives premium lifetime access to turbo tools. Earn 1% of the revenue share allocated to our exclusive Turbo Card NFT holders. Get lifetime whitelist to Turbo Pad the New Meta launch pad.


  • Supply: 420,690,000,000

  • Tax: 5/5

  • 2% LP

  • 1% Development

  • 5% Marketing

Road Map

  • Project Launch

  • Nitrous Burn Activated

  • Listings on Top Token sites

  • 1000+ Holders

  • get $turbo trending on tg/twitter

  • introduction to turbo tools

  • viral marketing campaign

  • turbo take over